Uncommon Life


cd cover: the feral crow by scott ainslie©2004, Scott Ainslie

Uncommon life: uncommon love.
Uncommon life: uncommon love.

Can we believe – in a foreign land
Where we’ll dance again and again and again:
Eye to eye, hand to hand;
We touch this flame.

Uncommon life: uncommon love.
Uncommon life: uncommon love.

Walk me by the water, under the trees,
Let me feel the cold.
Come hold me close, if you please,
Like you did before – Oh, don’t let me go.

Uncommon life: uncommon love.
Uncommon life: uncommon love.

They’re hunting you and me;
We can hear the dogs in the night,
And see the torches weave.
If they ever reach this height,
We may burn easily – but we’ll make a
strange and beautiful light….

[Inst: Uncommon life: uncommon love.]
[Inst: Uncommon life: uncommon love.]
Sung: Uncommon life: uncommon love.

The wind, the rain – in the gathering storm
We’ve lost our way.
We’ll lie the night in each other’s arms,
And embrace the day – when it comes:

Uncommon Life: uncommon love.
Uncommon Life: uncommon love.


Scott Ainslie
Acoustic Guitars, Vocal
Scott Petito
Jerry Marotta
Drums and percussion
Marc Shulman
Electric Guitars
Peter Vitalone
Melodica, Piano
Leslie Ritter, Beth Reineke, Scott Ainslie
Harmony Vocals
It’s amazing what some people will do when someone else falls in love.
It matters a good deal whether you love someone, and a good deal less who.

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