Mississippi John Hurt Video Instruction

The 2020 Swannanoa Gathering Guitar Week was canceled due to the pandemic, so…

I created a series of videos to cover what would have been my class on the music of Mississippi John Hurt.

These lessons–over three hours of video instruction–were intended to be freely available here and on YouTube July 26th through August 2nd, the dates for Guitar Week 2020.

But, the response to the work from students during the pandemic was overwhelming. We left them all up on a donation basis through January 2021.

Looking for a sustainable way to keep this work available to as wide a variety of people as possible, we’ve chosen to keep Patreon tithes low ($5/minimum monthly tithe) and grant all Patron tiers access to the same material.

If this material is useful to you, please join us at patreon.com/scottainslie.)

We have left the first five Mississippi John Hurt videos on YouTube. Other pieces covered in the lessons include:

  • Salty Dog
  • Hey, Honey Right Away
  • I’m Satisfied
  • Make Me A Pallet
  • Got The Blues, Can’t Be Satisfied
  • Spike Driver Blues
  • Monday Morning Blues
  • Candy Man
  • C.C. Rider
  • Stagolee

Mississippi John Hurt Videos:

  1. Bio and Introduction (19:26)
  2. Chord Forms (8:32)
  3. Chord Families (6:10)
  4. Right Hand (19:44)
  5. Pay Day (14:21)
  1. John Hurt Bio and Introduction

  2. Chord Forms

  3. Chord Families

  4. Right Hand

  5. Pay Day

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