School and College Programs

Teaching Concerts

In 1986, I began developing a body of knowledge and repertoire to examine and present the African roots of American music using live performances of early spirituals, gospel, work songs, slave songs, Ragtime and Delta Blues. Various programs examine different aspects of the work and are suitable for elementary, middle & high school, college, graduate school and adult students.

Classroom Workshops

Following a teaching performance, schools often opt to have me work with a smaller group of students to field more questions and explore African retentions more thoroughly in a classroom setting. These workshops have involved the African roots of our ideas of ‘coolness,’ writing Blues with students, the science of sound, a guitar workshop for players, vocal coaching for chorus/theater students, and examining the elements of Blues with band students.

Teacher Workshops

Teachers do remarkable work. They have to be immersed in a remarkable variety of techniques, standards, social welfare programs as well as their students and their subject. In teacher workshops, I present the techniques I use to involve students in the raw material of the music (lyric writing, choosing musical settings, examining west African and Blues musical scales) or the physics and science of sound (amplification, vibration generation, pitch, wave length, and the principles of simple stringed instrument construction.


Since I joined the prestigious North Carolina Visiting Artists program 1986, I have been involved in short and longer-term residencies at elementary, middle, high school, college and graduate school levels.

Residencies can involve classroom visits as a follow-up to a teaching concert earlier in the day, or involve up to a week of multiple classroom visits over consecutive days. College residencies can be similarly structured, or can involved a semester-long commitment as arranged with the college.

I enjoy teaching at all these different experience levels and have suitable material adapted to the educational horizons of these different age groups.

For educational bookings, please contact Loyd Artists.

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