Travelin’ Riverside Blues


cd cover: Jealous of the Moon(Robert Johnson/King of Spades Music)

If your man gets personal, you want to have your fun. (2x)
Just come on back to Friar’s Point, mama, we can barrelhouse all night long.

I got women in Vicksburg, clean on into Tennessee. (2x)
But my Friar’s Point rider, now she hops all over me.

Ain’t gonna state no color, but her front teeth is crowned with gold. (2x)
She’s got a mortgage on my body and a lien on my soul.

Lord, I’m goin’ to Rosedale, goin’ take my rider by my side. (2x)
We can still barrelhouse, baby, cause it’s by that riverside.

Now, you can squeeze my lemon till the juice run down my ____
[Baby, you know what I’m talkin’ about…]
Yeah, you can squeeze my lemon till the juice run down my leg.
But I’m goin’ back to Friar’s Point, mama, if I be rockin’ to my end.

Scott Ainslie: vocals and National Guitar
Steven Roues: harmonica

This song, and Stones in my Passway talk to me in that elemental, emotional language that predates speech. After all this time, I still have to be careful when I drop the needle on some of Johnson’s recordings — I find it impossible to leave the room in the middle of a side.

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