Bounded by Silence: Songs of Change – Tampa 2019


A song is a nearly perfect vehicle for putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

For three or four minutes, you can freely feel what it would be like to see and experience the world we from someone else’s perspective. In a very brief encounter, you can be changed, take a step toward transformation, be surprised into a new awareness of your life and the lives of others.

Bounded by silence, ephemeral as vibrations in the air, a song can be a powerful vehicle for creating empathy, engendering compassion, and an opportunity for emotional knowing. It can be one of our most important tools for building a compassionate and responsibly free society.

As a traditional Blues musician, scholar, and songwriter, Scott Ainslie explores these themes in a keynote address-performance at the Positive Music Festival in Tampa, FL, March 2019.


“Bounded By Silence” Keynote video links below. The full presentation here includes:
• Blowin’ In The Wind (2nd verse) (Dylan)
• Change Is Gonna Come (Cooke)
• Rocks and Gravel Blues (Trad. John Jackson)
• Guide My Feet  (Trad.)
• I Will Trust In The Lord (Trad. Willie Malloy)
• The Land That I Love (©2008, Scott Ainslie)
• Rice Grows Again In Vietnam (©1995, Scott Ainslie)
• I Love A Darkened Room (©2018, Scott Ainslie)
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Ainslie Keynote 1st Half            43:42

Ainslie-Keynote 2nd Half          41:10
# # # Smaller Bites # # #
Ainslie Keynote Pt. 1                  10:40
Ainslie Keynote Pt. 2                    4:24
Ainslie Keynote Pt. 3                  10:52
Ainslie Keynote Pt. 4                  10:13
Ainslie Keynote Pt. 5                     7:33
Ainslie Keynote Pt. 6                   10:41
Ainslie Keynote Pt. 7                     9:35

Ainslie Keynote Pt. 8                    9:07
Ainslie Keynote Pt. 9                   10:25

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