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Concert Reviews

More Than A Musician

Scott Ainslie is more than a musician. It’s perfectly true that his voice is incredibly clear and powerful, and his guitar playing is expert beyond anything most people have ever… Read more “More Than A Musician”

Leddy Hammock, Minister
Unity Church, Clearwater, FL

Studied with Elder Musicians

A Phi Beta Kappa and honors graduate of Washington & Lee University, Ainslie also studied with elder musicians on both sides of the color line – in the Old-Time southern… Read more “Studied with Elder Musicians”

Music-Arts Reporter
The Mountaineer, Waynesville NC

Wardsboro VT – Oct. 2017

We of Wardsboro Curtain Call have produced 9 shows so far in our short existence, and all of the artists have been delightful, accommodating, wonderfully talented, and a joy to… Read more “Wardsboro VT – Oct. 2017”

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Reviews of my work in Educational Settings

Scott Ainslie Has a High Calling

Scott Ainslie has a high calling. He’s a blues and traditional roots musician, a blues historian, storyteller, teacher, record producer, and ethnomusicologist. He’s developed a strong voice and conscience to… Read more “Scott Ainslie Has a High Calling”

Robin Tolleson
Blue Ridge Now

They All Saw the Same Show

The kids really, really enjoyed it, and all I talked with got a lot out of the performance and talk, too. My first period…was jumping all over themselves to say… Read more “They All Saw the Same Show”

David Snively
Cary Academy

Entertaining Singer, Musician, and Speaker

Our students learned about the history and context of African-American influence on the development of blues as well as the birth of the cigar-box guitar and the banjo. Ainslie presented… Read more “Entertaining Singer, Musician, and Speaker”

Teacher Evaluation
United Arts, Raleigh NC 2014

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Reviews from Guitar Students

Frighteningly Incisive

One of the finest musical instructors I’ve known. Scott’s suggestions to help improve guitar accompaniment in all our songs were frighteningly incisive and I was very pleased with it. This… Read more “Frighteningly Incisive”

Student Evaluation
The Swannanoa Gathering

An Extraordinary Teacher and a Gifted Musician

Ainslie is truly an extraordinary teacher and a gifted musician.  The things I learned from him, rhythm and right hand technique, slide technique, riffs, and some of the secrets of… Read more “An Extraordinary Teacher and a Gifted Musician”

Student Evaluation
Common Ground On The Hill

Exceptional Ability To Play and Teach

Ainslie has the exceptional blend of ability to play and teach, with the willingness to do so.… Read more “Exceptional Ability To Play and Teach”

Student Evaluation
The Swannanoa Gathering

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