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Concert Reviews

Until Sunday Breakfast!

His guitar playing is so technically perfect, his feel for the Delta Blues so vivid, that I sat through his set with a dumb smile on my face…I would have… Read more “Until Sunday Breakfast!”

Arden Kelsey
The Spectator, Durham, NC

Washington Post Review

“Scott is the kind of musician they don’t make any more, in the mold of the late Pete Seeger – unpretentious, dead serious about his craft, dedicated to preserving traditional… Read more “Washington Post Review”

Pamela Constable, Feb. 2015
The Washington Post

An Important Teacher and Protagonist

Ainslie is a beautiful stylist who respects the country blues and acoustic blues music, feels it deep down to his soul, and understands its essence. He is not just an… Read more “An Important Teacher and Protagonist”

Outreach Coordinator
Mississippi Valley Blues Society, LeClaire IA

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Reviews of my work in Educational Settings

Mississippi Valley Blues Society

Ainslie is a true master of the old traditions, not just as performer but also as a serious blues historian and musicologist. Here is a guy who gets the African-American… Read more “Mississippi Valley Blues Society”

Outreach Coordinator
Mississippi Valley Blues Society, LeClaire IA

Thanks For Coming To The School

Once again, I want to thank you for coming to the high school.  It was a wonderful experience for our students, and I appreciate your willingness to perform in the… Read more “Thanks For Coming To The School”

Joe Jossey, Managing Director
Elberton Theater Elberton, GA

Ainslie’s Performance Was Extraordinary

Scott Ainslie’s performance was extraordinary. Students positively glowed throughout the concert and were impressed with his scholarly knowledge of Blues history and his musical technique. Students assigned Ainslie’s show the highest… Read more “Ainslie’s Performance Was Extraordinary”

Teacher Comments
Calliope Concerts Executive Summary, Pittsburgh, PA

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Reviews from Guitar Students

Tied to the Life and Work of Robert Johnson

During his career, Ainslie has become particularly tied to the life and work of late bluesman Robert Johnson, whose legend states that he sold his soul to the devil at… Read more “Tied to the Life and Work of Robert Johnson”

Stephanie Mangino
The Winchester Star

Frighteningly Incisive

One of the finest musical instructors I’ve known. Scott’s suggestions to help improve guitar accompaniment in all our songs were frighteningly incisive and I was very pleased with it. This… Read more “Frighteningly Incisive”

Student Evaluation
The Swannanoa Gathering

Old Blues and Southern Musical Traditions

Ainslie is one of the most important cultural protagonists of the old blues and Southern musical… Read more “Old Blues and Southern Musical Traditions”

Outreach Coordinator
Mississippi Valley Blues Society, LeClaire IA

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