I Should Get Over This

cd cover: thunders mouth by Scott AinslieScott Ainslie

I’ll take it, if my stuff’ll fit.
Or maybe, I’ll just get rid of it.
I need a place to call home;
A little place of my own.

I should get over this.
Can’t make the pieces fit.
I should get over this.

From this window, I see it’s just a game.
All the kids out playing stick ball in the rain.
And no one keeping score.
Who could ask for more?

Give me a minute, Give me an hour, Maybe a lifetime….
Give me a minute, Give me an hour, Maybe a lifetime and I’ll have the power.

It’s no use, the gods don’t listen to me.
We all break the rules, it’s just a matter of degree.
I want you back again.
Your name is written on my skin.

I used this song in a sound track for a friend as a sort of D-minor blues, and then re-set the words to this west African-inspired guitar part. I find the melancholy nature of the words a perfect match to the happy, danceable rhythms. In spirit, it is an homage to ‘Kar Kar’, Boubacar Traore, a master Malian guitarist.

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