Cold in Here


cd cover: the feral crow by scott ainslie©2000, Scott Ainslie

I thought I felt a little cool breeze come through.
What shall we do? Don’t it feel cold in here to you?
Turn up the heat, warm up your feet.
Turn on the light. Nothing seems right.

On this winter’s shore, seagulls stoop and pelicans, too.
And one little tern, he dips his beak into the blue
Salty tears. So many years.
I don’t know why, you said goodbye.


I don’t know when you took your love away from me.
Come back again, I’ll make you laugh, just wait and see.
It’s alright. Day breaks the night.
What’s done is past. Love’s all that lasts.

What shall we do?
Don’t it feel Cold In Here to you?


Scott Ainslie:
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Scott Petito:
Acoustic Bass, additional percussion
Jerry Marotta:
Drums, Percussion
Marc Shulman:
Electric Guitars
Peter Vitalone:
Hammond B3, Accordian


The guitar is in open C-tuning.
I had a pretty hard tour that took me to Florida in the middle of a winter with a lot of questions in it.

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