I’ve had the benefit of formal and informal instruction all my life – from music and composition teachers to senior players in Appalachian Old-Time banjo and fiddle, as well as Gospel and Blues traditions.

It is important to me to be a link in that chain – to pass on what I’ve learned, seen, and heard from those who have now left us.

I’ve taught at a variety of guitar and music camps over the past 20 years and offer private lessons via Skype in Southern Old-Time Fiddle, Claw-hammer Banjo; Slide, Ragtime, and acoustic guitar. An experienced singer, I also enjoy coaching voices. I teach out of my home in southern Vermont, and if time allows, can arrange private lessons on the road when I’m touring.

It is often best to teach technique in the context of a song that you already play.  Introducing you to new material that you are interested in playing and mastering is also on offer. I enjoy teaching all levels. Beginners can benefit from early guidance on which of the many paths they might choose to explore and will develop playing habits that will not cause them trouble down the road.

Diagnosing what the obstacles are to your next step on the instrument is one of my strengths. Being able to break down a new technique so that you can understand it and get it into your hands is critical.

I’m very good at seeing how you employ your hands, address the guitar, and use your body: the way you do these things can make playing the instrument easier or harder.

Contact me to talk about your next step in music and arrange a lesson.


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