They All Saw the Same Show

The kids really, really enjoyed it, and all I talked with got a lot out of the performance and talk, too.

My first period…was jumping all over themselves to say what they enjoyed. My third period branched off into another discussion of both Emmett Till; how time moves more slowly in some spaces; and even how dialects differ and change or don’t change over time (people moving and mass communication figuring into that). Fourth period liked your combination of talk and music, with a particular interest in the National guitar and the personal stories you shared.

They all saw the same show of course, but the discussions all focused on different aspects, which was cool.

– Middle School History Teacher, NC  4/21/10


David Snively

Cary Academy

Scott Ainslie

Born in Rochester NY in 1952, Scott Ainslie has been playing music on something since he was three years old. A guitarist since 1967 with powerful appreciation for and apprenticeships with elder black and white musicians in different musical traditions, Ainslie carries a portion of them forward in his own traditional blues performances and songwriting.

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