Connecting Science To Music:

I just found two lessons on that you did with high school physics teacher Dr. Tom Altman about resonance and wavelength. I loved the fact that you connected science to music.

I am a middle school science teacher in Barrington, NH and I am starting a unit on sound. I have the typical old movies that were made by the book company that are extremely boring for the kids.

Resonance and wavelength are hard topics for some students to understand. I am going to show your videos to the class from It is like YouTube but for teachers.

I am so excited to use this. Thank you.

A Middle School Science Teacher

Barrington, NH

Scott Ainslie

Born in Rochester NY in 1952, Scott Ainslie has been playing music on something since he was three years old. A guitarist since 1967 with powerful appreciation for and apprenticeships with elder black and white musicians in different musical traditions, Ainslie carries a portion of them forward in his own traditional blues performances and songwriting.

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