The Best Guitar Instruction I’ve Had

Your Mississippi John Hurt class at the Summer Acoustic Music Week (SAMW) this year has turned out to be some of the best guitar instruction I’ve had thus far.

I got some John Hurt recordings when I got back, listened to them enough to get the music into my head, and am successfully transferring it to my left and right hands.  What we learned in the class was the perfect foundation to build on.




Michael Gooley, Student

Summer Acoustic Music Week, Geneva Point, NH

Scott Ainslie

Born in Rochester NY in 1952, Scott Ainslie has been playing music on something since he was three years old. A guitarist since 1967 with powerful appreciation for and apprenticeships with elder black and white musicians in different musical traditions, Ainslie carries a portion of them forward in his own traditional blues performances and songwriting.

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