NAFTA: The US role in creating immigration

More than 6,000 sets of remains have been found in the desert since 1994, the year the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) took effect.NAFTA benefited the owners and the corporations – and harmed the workers – of every nation that signed it. It made Monsanto’s corporate corn – one of the most heavily subsidized crops in the world – cheaper to sell than it is to grow in Mexico.Almost overnight, NAFTA turned Mexico into a corn-importing nation for the first time in its history. NAFTA decimated family farms and villages. It threw tens of thousands of traditional working families and their communities deeper and more desperately into rural poverty. Continue Reading

Resources On Border Issues

We all have a vested interest in the well-being of our fellows.

Opinions can vary on how best to care for all, but opinions should be based upon a wide-ranging survey of the available facts and history. Personally, I’d be delighted if you agree with me. But it’s far more important to our nation and the world that you pursue the facts and come to your own conclusions. Here are some valuable resources on-line, on the page, and on screen. Continue Reading

You Gotta Get Up

cd cover: terraplane by scott ainslie©1997, Scott Ainslie

Push me to the ground, Try and keep me down
I’m gonna get up!
Treat me like a slave, Put me in my grave,
I’m gonna get up!
Throw me into jail, With no money for my bail
I’m gonna get up!
You know you’re bound to die, When you come into this life,
You gotta get up. Continue Reading

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