Monday Morning Blues

cd cover: The Last Shot Got Him(Mississippi John Hurt)

I woke up this morning… woke up this morning…
Woke up this morning, with the Monday morning blues.

I couldn’t hardly find… couldn’t hardly find…
Couldn’t hardly find, my Monday morning shoes. Continue Reading

Love in Vain

cd cover: The Last Shot Got Him(Robert Johnson)

I followed her to the station,
with her suitcase in my hand,
Well, I followed her to the station,
with her suitcase in my hand.
Well, it’s hard to tell, it’s hard to tell,
when all your love’s in vain,
All my love’s in vain. Continue Reading

Losing Faith in You

cd cover: you better lie down by scott ainslie(Riley King)
Universal-Duchess Music

There was a time when I believed in you
Oh, and nothing wrong that you could ever do.
But you’ve changed, and you know it’s true.
I’m losing the faith that I had in you. Continue Reading

Looking for a Rose

cd cover: the feral crow by scott ainslie©1999, Scott Ainslie

I went out to my garden looking for a rose.
You know there are so many thorns out where the roses grow.
While looking, I was bloodied. My feet and hands grew sore.
I was searching for a special rose that I had known before. Continue Reading

Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me

cd cover: The Last Shot Got Him(Mississippi John Hurt Hurt – music W. E. Myers – lyrics)

Blues out on the ocean, blues all in the air.
Can’t stay here much longer, I got no steamship fare.
When my earthly trials are over,
cast my body out in the sea.
Save all the undertaker’s bills,
let the mermaids flirt with me. Continue Reading

Jealous of the Moon

cd cover: Jealous of the Moon(Scott Ainslie/Cattail Music)

I’m not jealous of the sun,
he can shine on you all day long, I don’t care.
Whatever he may see,
it really makes no difference to me.
But at night, when the stars come out
and we lay down so many miles apart:
I hum a different tune, I’m jealous of the moon. Continue Reading

It’s You

cd cover: thunders mouth by Scott AinslieWords & Music by Tom Waits

Little trip to heaven on the wings of your love
and a moon shining in the sky.
Feel like I’m in heaven when you’re with me
Know that I’m in heaven when you smile.
While I’m stuck here on the ground
I’ve got something that I’ve found
And it’s you. It’s you. Continue Reading

It’s My World, Too

cd cover: the feral crow by scott ainslie©2004 Scott Ainslie

I’m just 36, I’ve got 4 little ones;
I’ve been workin’ here 17 years.
Settin’ rivets and welding and working the cranes;
17 years, goin’ straight down the drain;
building a future that never came. Continue Reading

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