Crazy Love

cd cover: Jealous of the Moon(Van Morrison
/WB Music/Caledonia Soul Music)

I can hear her heartbeat from a thousand miles.
And the heaven’s open every time she smiles.
And when I come to her, that’s where I belong.
Yeah, I run into her like a river song. Continue Reading


cd cover: the feral crow by scott ainslie©1997, Scott Ainslie.
All rights reserved.

We picked you up at your house.
Bound your wrists, taped your mouth.
Used our hands and our clubs.
You weren’t human to us.

We drove home and kissed our wives;
Sang our children lullabies
Joked with our parents on the phone.
When we went to our cars, we went alone.

Continue Reading

Cold in Here

cd cover: the feral crow by scott ainslie©2000, Scott Ainslie

I thought I felt a little cool breeze come through.
What shall we do? Don’t it feel cold in here to you?
Turn up the heat, warm up your feet.
Turn on the light. Nothing seems right. Continue Reading

Chumpman Blues

cd cover: terraplane by scott ainslie

Track 3

(Arthur Blake)

I’m going down to the river – take a great big jump.
I’m going down to the river – take a great big jump.
I used to be a wise man, but this woman made me a chump. Continue Reading

Change My Name

cd cover: terraplane by scott ainslie

( Scott Ainslie)

Well, the whole town’s in an uproar, all up and down the street;
I owe everybody, but nobody owes me!
I’m gonna start with the very next person I meet:
Next time you see me there ain’t no tellin’ who I’ll be. Continue Reading

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