More Than A Musician

Scott Ainslie is more than a musician.

It’s perfectly true that his voice is incredibly clear and powerful, and his guitar playing is expert beyond anything most people have ever heard. But there is more…

Sitting in the audience during his performance here at Unity Church of Clearwater, I couldn’t help but notice something transformative happening to people around me. He made us remember music we had heard long ago, and thought we’d never hear again…

He opened up the meanings of the memories of music we thought we’d lost forever. He gave it back to us, and made us hear it in a new, and deeply spiritual way. He changed the way we listen to and understand the music of the great American experience. He re-energized our music program by his presence, and through his guitar workshop.

He brought us together. He moved us, every single one of us. Some listeners had tears in their eyes; all were profoundly touched. I sought out several from the audience, and asked them afterwards, what they thought about his music. They shook their heads in amazement, and tried to find the words.

I recommend him to you with all my heart. He will bring new, healing life to your community, and you will be richly blessed.


Unity Church

Clearwater, FL

Leddy Hammock, Minister

Unity Church, Clearwater, FL

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