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Concert Reviews

Exactly What We Hope For

Your concert was a wonderful success for Calliope. When we set about crafting a unique and diverse series every season, evenings like that and performances like yours are exactly what we hope for. From a diverse audience of over 500 in the hall that evening, I am still receiving congratulatory e-mails from enthusiastic board members […]

Steve Miklas
Calliope, Pittsburgh PA

Fantastic Program at NC Museum Of History

Thank you for the fantastic program this past Sunday at the NC Museum of History. The seamless mix of music and some of the stories behind it made for a truly entertaining, educational, engaging performance!… Audience members, young and old alike, sat in rapt attention throughout the program, a tribute to how enthralled everyone in […]

Jamie Katz, Program Associate
PineCone - Piedmont Council of Traditional Music Raleigh, NC

He Lives In The Groove

Durham resident Scott Ainslie led the way, accompanied by his trusty National Steel guitar and a heart full of the best of Robert Johnson, Blind Boy Fuller, and Blind Blake. His set was a combination of extremely well-played blues and brief sorties into the history of the music, the musicians, and even his guitar. The […]

Philip Van Vleck
The Spectator, Durham NC

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Reviews of my work in Educational Settings

Magical in Both Song and Storytelling

We truly enjoyed your time here and the schools cherished your outreach.  Your blues workshop scored a major impression on the guitarists from all over the West Georgia region.  The evening concert was magical both in song and storytelling, as your spell-bound audience applauded with as much energy as you performed.  What a gift you […]

Robert B. Jennings
University of West Georgia

Standing Ovation from Students

I have worked here for two years and have only seen a standing ovation by a middle school/high school audience one other time.  This is simply an age group that rarely shows that type of emotional response in our setting. –The Arts Center, Carrboro, NC

Arts-In-Education Coordinator
The ArtsCenter, Carrboro NC

Thanks For Coming To The School

Once again, I want to thank you for coming to the high school.  It was a wonderful experience for our students, and I appreciate your willingness to perform in the loosely structured environment of the day. One faculty member told me that Robert Johnson was her favorite musician, and that she really enjoyed how you […]

Joe Jossey, Managing Director
Elberton Theater Elberton, GA

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Reviews from Guitar Students

An Important Teacher and Protagonist

Ainslie is a beautiful stylist who respects the country blues and acoustic blues music, feels it deep down to his soul, and understands its essence. He is not just an important bridge to the original blues, he is an important teacher and protagonist of the genre.

Outreach Coordinator
Mississippi Valley Blues Society, LeClaire IA

Frighteningly Incisive

One of the finest musical instructors I’ve known. Scott’s suggestions to help improve guitar accompaniment in all our songs were frighteningly incisive and I was very pleased with it. This is a class I would take every year it is offered.

Student Evaluation
The Swannanoa Gathering

Montclair NJ Guitar Workshop 9/10/2016

Yesterday, I attended (as a student), a Scott Ainslie acoustic blues workshop that I helped to organize. Here’s a few thoughts about that: The guitar is a fiendishly simple and beautifully complex machine for making music, that magic blend of rhythm, melody, harmony, and emotion. If you’ve ever sat there looking at your guitar with […]

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