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Concert Reviews

I Don’t Even Like Blues That Much

I don’t even like the blues that much, but I will sit and listen to Scott Ainslie play the blues as often as you let me. He sings about love gone wrong in a hundred different ways, tells the stories behind the songs, talks about the history of the blues… All the while you can… Read more “I Don’t Even Like Blues That Much”

Rebecca, Patron
Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY

Teaching the Historical Roots of Blues

Scott Ainslie stepped onto the stage and swept back his long, graying hair. He slung his 1931 National, a guitar he bought 20 years ago in a pawn shop in Georgia, over his arm. And then he began to play the blues. Teaching the historical roots of blues music, especially to the younger generation, is… Read more “Teaching the Historical Roots of Blues”

Jeremy Bauer-Wolf
Westminster Patch

No Ordinary Blues Musician

Ainslie is no ordinary Blues musician. Not hardly. He has delved into the music and its history and doesn’t mind sharing it. – “Year’s 10 Best Jazz & Beyond,” Pittsburgh, PA 2003

Nate Guidry
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Reviews of my work in Educational Settings

Ainslie’s Performance Was Extraordinary

Scott Ainslie’s performance was extraordinary. Students positively glowed throughout the concert and were impressed with his scholarly knowledge of Blues history and his musical technique. Students assigned Ainslie’s show the highest possible rating on the survey scale. If Ainslie comes back to town, I’d plan to take students to his shows again in a heartbeat. It… Read more “Ainslie’s Performance Was Extraordinary”

Teacher Comments
Calliope Concerts Executive Summary, Pittsburgh, PA

A Debt To The Blues

It’s common knowledge that the vast majority of popular music owes a debt to American blues, but few have set about repaying it with Scott Ainslie’s sense of purpose…Spend a little time talking with him, and you’re going to learn something. Ainslie shows not only how the music feels now, but how it felt then,… Read more “A Debt To The Blues”

Michael Witthaus
Claremont Eagle Times, Claremont NH

Outstanding Musician; Top Notch Educator

I already knew you were an outstanding musician, but watching you interacting with the kids proved that you are a top notch educator as well. I don’t want to go overboard here, but I have to tell you that I was being approached by teachers for a week after your visit, all raving about every aspect of… Read more “Outstanding Musician; Top Notch Educator”

Preston Peek, Arts-In-Education Coordinator
North Ridge Elementary School, Raleigh NC

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Reviews from Guitar Students

Passionate, Knowledgeable, Engaging

What a passionate, knowledgeable, engaging instructor. Scott really helped break bad habits and instill the kind of right hand discipline necessary for playing this kind of music (Blues). I wish I had had him around when I first picked up the guitar.

Student Evaluation
The Swannanoa Gathering

Head And Shoulders Above Any Other Collection

Scott Ainslie has taken on the monumental task of transcribing all of Robert Johnson’s recorded blues songs and succeeded with flying colors…Robert Johnson/At The Crossroads, (Hal Leonard, 1992) stands head and shoulders above any other collection of transcriptions.

Brett Bonner
Living Blues Magazine

Tied to the Life and Work of Robert Johnson

During his career, Ainslie has become particularly tied to the life and work of late bluesman Robert Johnson, whose legend states that he sold his soul to the devil at a Mississippi crossroads. Ainslie was recently part of the official centennial celebration of Johnson’s birth, serving on a discussion panel and playing at the event. Ainslie… Read more “Tied to the Life and Work of Robert Johnson”

Stephanie Mangino
The Winchester Star

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