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Concert Reviews

I Don’t Even Like Blues That Much

I don’t even like the blues that much, but I will sit and listen to Scott Ainslie play the blues as often as you let me. He sings about love gone wrong in a hundred different ways, tells the stories behind the songs, talks about the history of the blues… All the while you can… Read more “I Don’t Even Like Blues That Much”

Rebecca, Patron
Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY

Mississippi Valley Blues Society

Thanks so much for your recent presentation on Blues Guitar Music & History at the LeClaire Community Library last Monday evening.  We received so many wonderful comments on your playing and presentation.  Our patrons were so impressed with your talent and depth of knowledge of the Blues. It was an entertaining and inspirational evening! From… Read more “Mississippi Valley Blues Society”

Sue Mannix, MLS, Director
LeClaire Community Library LeClaire, IA

More Than A Musician

Scott Ainslie is more than a musician. It’s perfectly true that his voice is incredibly clear and powerful, and his guitar playing is expert beyond anything most people have ever heard. But there is more… Sitting in the audience during his performance here at Unity Church of Clearwater, I couldn’t help but notice something transformative… Read more “More Than A Musician”

Leddy Hammock, Minister
Unity Church, Clearwater, FL

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Reviews of my work in Educational Settings

Teaching the Historical Roots of Blues

Scott Ainslie stepped onto the stage and swept back his long, graying hair. He slung his 1931 National, a guitar he bought 20 years ago in a pawn shop in Georgia, over his arm. And then he began to play the blues. Teaching the historical roots of blues music, especially to the younger generation, is… Read more “Teaching the Historical Roots of Blues”

Jeremy Bauer-Wolf
Westminster Patch

Old Blues and Southern Musical Traditions

Ainslie is one of the most important cultural protagonists of the old blues and Southern musical traditions.

Outreach Coordinator
Mississippi Valley Blues Society, LeClaire IA

Scott Ainslie Has a High Calling

Scott Ainslie has a high calling. He’s a blues and traditional roots musician, a blues historian, storyteller, teacher, record producer, and ethnomusicologist. He’s developed a strong voice and conscience to match. Ainslie has made a point of studying the culture and history of the blues musicians whose songs he sings. He says, “Knowing the background… Read more “Scott Ainslie Has a High Calling”

Robin Tolleson
Blue Ridge Now

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Reviews from Guitar Students

What A Teacher!

Excellent – what a teacher! In addition to wonderful singer, guitar player, etc. he genuinely cares about his class – each person. That is the feeling he exudes. And Scott has the ability to break things down into small, clear segments. I learned a mountain of new things this week!

Student Evaluation
The Swannanoa Gathering

Tied to the Life and Work of Robert Johnson

During his career, Ainslie has become particularly tied to the life and work of late bluesman Robert Johnson, whose legend states that he sold his soul to the devil at a Mississippi crossroads. Ainslie was recently part of the official centennial celebration of Johnson’s birth, serving on a discussion panel and playing at the event. Ainslie… Read more “Tied to the Life and Work of Robert Johnson”

Stephanie Mangino
The Winchester Star

Montclair NJ Guitar Workshop 9/10/2016

Yesterday, I attended (as a student), a Scott Ainslie acoustic blues workshop that I helped to organize. Here’s a few thoughts about that: The guitar is a fiendishly simple and beautifully complex machine for making music, that magic blend of rhythm, melody, harmony, and emotion. If you’ve ever sat there looking at your guitar with… Read more “Montclair NJ Guitar Workshop 9/10/2016”

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