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Concert Reviews

Ainslie’s Performance Was Extraordinary

Scott Ainslie’s performance was extraordinary. Students positively glowed throughout the concert and were impressed with his scholarly knowledge of Blues history and his musical technique. Students assigned Ainslie’s show the highest possible rating on the survey scale. If Ainslie comes back to town, I’d plan to take students to his shows again in a heartbeat. It […]
Teacher Comments
Calliope Concerts Executive Summary, Pittsburgh, PA

A Master of Acoustic Blues

With an expressive baritone and nimble fingers…Ainslie is a master of American acoustic Blues. He is also among the most highly regarded Blues historians, a veritable walking encyclopedia of Blues and Jazz.
Dan Bolles
Seven Days, Burlington, VT

Scott Ainslie Has a High Calling

Scott Ainslie has a high calling. He’s a blues and traditional roots musician, a blues historian, storyteller, teacher, record producer, and ethnomusicologist. He’s developed a strong voice and conscience to match. Ainslie has made a point of studying the culture and history of the blues musicians whose songs he sings. He says, “Knowing the background […]
Robin Tolleson
Blue Ridge Now

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Reviews of my work in Educational Settings

It Meant A Lot to Our Audience

For our in-house outreaches, Scott Ainslie gave two 50-minute performances for K-8 students (with 300-400 students in each), and kept them engaged and interested the whole time. One parent who has come to many outreach events said that his was the best outreach she had ever been to at the Shannon Center. At the public […]
Shane W. Cadman, Artistic Director
Ruth B. Shannon Theatre for the Performing Arts, Whittier, CA

They All Saw the Same Show

The kids really, really enjoyed it, and all I talked with got a lot out of the performance and talk, too. My first period…was jumping all over themselves to say what they enjoyed. My third period branched off into another discussion of both Emmett Till; how time moves more slowly in some spaces; and even […]
David Snively
Cary Academy

We Are Still Reeling

We are still reeling from the after-effects of your visit. I’ve heard nothing but positive comments from teachers and students who were lucky enough to witness first hand your demonstration and knowledge of the Blues. As for me, I learned way too much from you on the suject of the history of Blues and plan […]
Thom Wood
Lamar High School, Darlington SC

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Reviews from Guitar Students

The Heartbeat of the Blues Program

Scott is the heartbeat of the Blues program. A humble giant of the Blues who shares his soul in class. An excellent teacher and a superb human being. Class was great. Way more than I expected.
Student Evaluation
The Swannanoa Gathering

The Best Guitar Instruction I’ve Had

Your Mississippi John Hurt class at the Summer Acoustic Music Week (SAMW) this year has turned out to be some of the best guitar instruction I’ve had thus far. I got some John Hurt recordings when I got back, listened to them enough to get the music into my head, and am successfully transferring it […]
Michael Gooley, Student
Summer Acoustic Music Week, Geneva Point, NH

Frighteningly Incisive

One of the finest musical instructors I’ve known. Scott’s suggestions to help improve guitar accompaniment in all our songs were frighteningly incisive and I was very pleased with it. This is a class I would take every year it is offered.
Student Evaluation
The Swannanoa Gathering

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