Scott Ainlsie
Blues guitarist and historian

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Solo Programs:

Southern Voices

with performance poet, Glenis Redmond

Southern Voices: Black, White & Blues starts out with a white man and a black woman on stage. Veteran blues musician Scott Ainslie and seasoned performance poet Glenis Redmond trade licks, vamp off each other, and weave stories, poetry and music together in a presentation of power and depth.

It is history–personal and universal–that propels them as they take you to the mountain top and bring you home again. And though blues and laments are here, theirs is an unblinking gospel of life. Glenis and Scott render a strength of spirit as they call on Muddy Waters and Zora Neale Hurston; Robert Johnson and Fannie Lou Hamer; celebrating with humor and love their own lives and the lives of common folk: family members, their personal heroes and ‘sheroes,’ and the work and lives of other striving artists.

They feel what they share. And we feel it. We feel it all as they share humanity with its strengths and its foibles. Magic happens during the performance as they traverse this complex ground. And at the end of the performance, there are still two people on stage, a black woman and a white man: we see them. We see ourselves. We see each other.

Watch a clip of Glennis and Scott in performance.