Scott Ainlsie
Blues guitarist and historian

For Educators:


Solo Programs:

Educational Programs

Teaching Concerts in Educational
and Community Settings

From 1986 until 2001, Scott served as a Visiting Artist in artist-in-residency programs throughout North Carolina and Virginia. Based at community colleges and serving local communities, he developed a strong educational component to his performances, seeking out the history and background of the music in order to make it moving and interesting to audiences of varying ages and backgrounds.

Offering workshops, short residencies and teaching concerts continues to be a strong interest as Scott introduces audiences to the rich cultural background and the roots of contemporary and traditional American music.

Performing on guitars, a one-stringed diddley bow (of African derivation) and recently, the gourd banjo and Southern old-time fiddling, Scott brings nearly four decades of experience with traditional music and musicians to his audiences.

Established programs are described in the links at the left. Scott also enjoys working with presenters in focusing his work to serve the goals in the community and can work at developing new programs tailored to meet local needs. All programs are available through Susan Lounsbury and Peggy Baldwin of Loyd Artists.

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