Scott Ainlsie
Blues guitarist and historian
photo of Scott


On the road 140 to 160 days a year, Scott performs and presents workshops in schools, libraries, community arts venues, colleges and festivals. He is also a respected instructor at music programs across the country and maintains an active schedule teaching guitar out of his home in Brattleboro, Vermont.

His work includes teaching concerts on the African roots of American music using live performances of blues, worksongs, gospel, jazz, and rhythm and blues to illustrate the historical and musical connections between African and American cultures.

After a typical performance, a SC English professor told Scott that he “does what Shakespeare recommends.”

“Shakespeare recommended a lot of things...” Scott noted with a smile.

“You teach by delight,” was the professor’s reply.

Scott’s performances always include interesting stories and anecdotes about the music that leave his audiences slyly better educated and fully entertained. Why? Because truth is the highest form of entertainment.

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