Scott Ainslie
Blues guitarist and historian

This page brings together many ressources on Blues History.

For many years I worked as an artist in residence in Southern Virginia and North Carolina, doing many many programs in schools on the African roots of American Music and the history of Blues.

The BluesRoots Teacher's Guide is a valuable resource to anyone interested in the history of blues, but especially for classroom teachers who will be preparing for a school concert or workshop, or following up after a performance.

Blues Notes started out as a periodic mailing to my growing email list. Spam filters were making the process of sending out these emails a time-consuming task and I quit doing them for a while. I've got a new email solution, and hope to begin writing and sending these mini-lessons out again. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list if you are interested.

I've linked to the Robert Johnson DVD from many parts of my website -- here it is again! Not only a guitar lesson, but interspersed with background on the songs and the times, it seemed to fit here in the Blues History resource page.

My Media Archives (web based streaming audio and video) include some blues history resources as well, including the UNC TV's documentary Piedmont Blues: North Carolina Style.

The Blues Bibliography has a selection of books that I have found useful. Links to Amazon are in no way an endorsement of that service, just a convenient way to give you more information about the books.